About us!

We have many years of experience for manufacturing lime and other products from natural limestone.

Lime workshop was transferred to the expanding Naujoji Akmenė building materials production association since June 1, 1988; it has been privatized in April of 1995 and was named joint-stock company “Kalcitas”. “Naujasis kalcitas“ became the owner of lime production workshop. JSC “Naujasis kalcitas“ is successfully working since 1997.

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Metal structures and equipment:
  • 1. Produce and install products from metal constructions according to customer's plans;
  • 2. Paint metal constructions;
  • 3. Dismantle and cut metal constructions;
  • 4. Perform turnery and milling works (Carousel - turning, turnery, milling, pressing, cutting, rolling mill);
  • 5. Install and repair equipment;
  • 6. Provide services of mobile cranes and aerial platforms.
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AB „Naujasis kalcitas"strategic priority - an excellent quality of products.

The company applies advanced quality defects prevention measures in accordance with the company's internal quality system, which covers all the company's chain.Currently, AB „Naujasis kalcitas" lime production technology in Akmenė  allows to product of high-quality building calcium lime. The burning, grinding, packaging production, pollution reduction technologies intensively developed through European countries in this field equipment specialists.

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Our experience and work - for your needs.